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I suddenly found myself falling into the four stages of horror. My voice issued forth a weird noise that can only be described as the sound one makes when almost swallowing her own tongue.I wedged myself behind the couch cushion so deep that I found a few M&Ms to snack on.Quite honestly, I think this may have been one of the nails in Peter’s coffin, because home girl WANTS to be a puma. For the next 30 minutes, Peter tries to have a serious conversation with Kaitlyn about how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Kaitlyn basically asks Peter is he’s okay getting busy in the west tower?He answers Kaitlyn, first by acknowledging that it is completely weird that there are other men involved in this journey, but he neither wants to stop talking to her nor leave her.Peter assures Kaitlyn that the stigma and pressure that overnight dates have to be physical should not be a concern. Kaitlyn interprets this information with a strange filter.Instead of concluding that Peter is a gentleman who respects her reputation, as well as his own, Kaitlyn flat out asks him if he is a virgin.And I shoved my fingers into my ears as I rocked back and forth singing the lyrics of “Good Time Music.” THE REJECTION DATE Peter switches his purple warm and fuzzy sweater for an oatmeal-colored one that brings out his eyes.

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Peter gets the date rose, even though Jared rallied hard at the end with an impromptu slow dance/make out combo of his own. America will gather around their DVRs in yoga pants and whimsical shirts with wine drinking slogans to watch Bachelor Ben Peter Brady’s journey to find love after being left in the wake of one skinny jeans wearing villain and one fake Gosling.