Who is gerard butler dating now 2016

20-Apr-2018 10:15

Every waiter in Hollywood is an actor in disguise and Butler has cast these two in his prank.

As for the star of the show, he is beside himself with the hysteria of it, booming with laughter until the tears stream down his cheeks. Despite having starred in some of the highest-profile films of the past five years (300, Rockn Rolla, PS I Love You), he remains a bigger name in America than in his homeland. First, there is the chameleon-like quality of his work, making it hard to link the man behind the mask in The Phantom of the Opera with the thumpingly muscular King Leonidas in 300.

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"Yeah, he used to spend his whole day in this store wearing an umbrella hat. I say Woody Allen once said he makes so many films because he doesn't know how to stave off depression other than by working all the time. The Ugly Truth, a rom-com co-starring Katherine Heigl, was accused by the Wall Street Journal of "revelling in the misogyny it claims to deplore" while The New Yorker said of The Bounty Hunter: "Even as an assembly line product this falls well below factory standards"."You know, we got a 10-minute standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival and I've never felt an energy like that. What's the point, even, in having a chef, if the chef doesn't cook lasagne?