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In Eastern Europe, since the fall of communism, sex trafficking has become the fastest growing form of organized crime, with Moldova and Ukraine widely seen as major suppliers of women into the global sex trade. " co-producer Felix Golubev asks a trafficker in Moldova while posing undercover as an interested buyer from North America."Five hundred to 600 dollars—that's what I get," replies the trafficker. "To say that I felt guilty might sound absurd after what I did."Debt bondage represents the money that a girl is told she has to work off," Vlad tells FRONTLINE. That way, the debt never goes away, and she continues to work …without ever receiving a penny." As Viorel searches for Katia, we learn what she might be enduring from other trafficked women."The official line is `We're doing as much as we can; we have a counter-trafficking unit; we're trying to prosecute.' …We know that there is a level of corruption; we know that there is bribery.Sexual grooming of children also occurs on the Internet.

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Detective Inspector Kay Wallace surrounded by computers, mobile phones and digital storage devices seized from the homes of suspected paedophiles."The final price is higher, but I have to share with the middleman and the guy who transports them." When Golubev asks how he can be sure the girls won't run away, the trafficker tells him, "Once they arrive, be sure to take their passports away." Early in his search, Viorel receives help from an unlikely ally—Vlad (last name withheld), the man who initially sold Katia—and FRONTLINE manages to track Vlad down for an interview. However, strange as it may seem, guilt played its part." Vlad helps Viorel contact Apo, the pimp who now has Katia.