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25-May-2018 02:53

This article is not an attempt to build an additional cell on the prison of Christian dating, but to liberate more of you from an overlooked, but widespread, trap in dating.

Many of us simply find out too late how much of our heartache in relationships can be traced to something we said too soon.

Trust in a marriage isn’t only for the bedroom, but for all of life.

We weren’t meant to build a blueprint for life with three or four almost-spouses.

Yes, we do, but carefully, and at the right times, and in wise ways.

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My wife and I dated long distance, so our situation will be different than yours.

But far fewer are talking about one major set of boundaries in healthy relationships: talking.

Have you and your significant other spent any time talking about ?

I don’t share our experience to write new rules or to try to limit you to an hour per day, but to give you categories for deliberate self-control and patience.

Wisdom won’t be a predetermined amount of time for every relationship, so you’ll have to talk about what seems healthy and appropriate for you, you talk about when you do talk.We wanted to honor Jesus and each other even more than we wanted to talk to each other (and we really enjoyed talking to each other).