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07-Sep-2017 11:48

I have heard a trainer say more than once that they rather train a woman than a man. What's it like to be a women living a trucker's life.

Women in trucking are like the new trend but with good reason.

Although there are more ladies taking up the profession, the number of female truckers in the trucking industry is still very small percentage, compared to the male population of truckers in North America….

presently, they make up about 5% of professional drivers.

long time trucker here on women in trucking Not rated yet Women in trucking is nothing new, they started hiring women to drive trucks back in the 1970s I met and talked and ran down the road with some of them. Lady Trucker Comic Book - Your Stories Wanted Not rated yet Hello, I'm doing a comic book inspired by a friend who, at 18, was driving a big rig with her boyfriend at the time. Third generation trucker - Ga Girl Not rated yet We have lots of advantages, I think.

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I always got special treatment 95% of the time from shippers and receivers for example I might get loaded and unloaded … Not rated yet I started driving back in 1988 and it was great for a while.If you are harassed by a driver depending your personality type either put him in place and then don't satisfy him by continuing the interchange or ignore him all together. What she said about acting like lady you will be treated like one is so true. I want equal pay and equal treatment from the industry I am going into trucking for two reasons only.. New TV series about female truckers called, "Mother Truckers" Hi all - Crosstown Media (an Emmy-winning film and television production company in NYC) is developing a new documentary television series about WOMEN …

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